Metrics that matter

Cut through the noise with our simple but comprehensive financial dashboard.

Cash-Basis Source of Truth

Cash is oxygen, so we show the numbers that help you stay alive. Booked revenue is great, but you can't pay vendors or employees with accounts receivable. Understand your company's true runway, burn rate, profitability and more powered by cash inflows and outflows.

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Metrics Straight from the Bank

We securely integrate with your company's bank account(s) to calculate metrics. Our proprietary algorithm labels transactions (i.e. revenue, funding, loan) and gets smarter every time you help us with categorization. Data is updated weekly and automatically refreshed on your dashboard.

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No CFO Required

OpenPitch makes finance uncomplicated. We visualize data in an easy-to-understand format and highlight the most important metrics to your company's success. Simple forecasting tools help you set growth strategies and plan future funding rounds without complicated modeling or technical jargon.

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