Your hub for cash-management and stakeholders relations

Keep a pulse on your company's financial health while unlocking value from your stakeholders.

Master Cash-Planning

Understand key financial and operations metrics to set strategies and monitor trends.

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Impactful Investor Updates

Share high-level financials, track custom KPIs, and write updates in minutes with AI-assistance.

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Maximize Your Partnerships

Tap into your partners' networks and experience to drive growth and crush challenges.

  • Build trust and strengthen relationships through consistent communication.
  • Invite all stakeholders to connect so no one misses an update.
  • Help your investors help you with targeted asks.
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FAQs for Founders

How do I know my company's financial data is secure?

Bank accounts are securely linked through Plaid, the data aggregation company powering Venmo, Chime, and SoFi. Our database is protected by bank-level encryption, connections are read-only, and login credentials are never visible to OpenPitch or your stakeholders.

What information do investors see?

You can choose to share company updates (i.e. highlights, challenges, asks), high-level financial metrics (i.e. cash balance, runway, revenue, burn rate), or both. We recommend only sharing financials with those who that have already invested in your company.

*Note: Individual bank transactions are only visible to you.

How does OpenPitch make money?

We charge subscriptions to investors and advisors based on the number of companies they are connected with. We're building a premium version for founders that we expect to launch in 2024.

How long does it take to create an account?

The entire process can be completed in 5 minutes. You will be asked to answer a few demographic questions (i.e. sector, founding date), connect your business bank account(s) through Plaid, and categorize any transactions we need your help on.

What does pricing look like?

Our mission is to help more companies succeed, because of that, we are free to founders! We believe understanding your company's cash health and maintaining strong stakeholder relationships are essential to the mission, so we don't put it behind a paywall.