Building a better ecosystem for founders and investors

From personal finance to empowering founders

We're a lean, tenacious team of engineers, designers, and operators living the startup grind. Prior to OpenPitch, we launched a personal finance app to help consumers improve their savings habits. Though that product didn't find market fit, building it familiarized our team with data aggregation APIs and helped us develop security best practices to handle sensitive financial data.

While developing our consumer app, we were unknowingly laying the groundwork for OpenPitch. We are the use case for this product and are building it to help founders like us stay alive and find their opportunity.

Mission-driven builders

Founders and funders push the economy forward. We're committed to supporting progress through three simple missions.

Simplify financial wellness for founders

Poor cash management sinks companies. By providing accessible and intuitive tools, we aim to help more companies thrive.

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Promote collaboration between founders and their investors

Too many founder-investor relationships are transactional. We strive to make it easy and rewarding for both sides to collaborate.

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Elevate entrepreneurial ecosystems everywhere

Talent is distributed equally, but opportunity isn't. We're building a community to create opportunities for innovative founders and value-add investors.